Monday, December 26, 2005

The GM Debacle and what to learn from Toyota

If you open any newspaper today, you most likely will find an article about General Motors GM, explaining – or at least trying to explain – in detail why GM is currently in such desolate situation. To make it even more interesting, some of these articles compare GM & Ford with Japanese car manufacturers - mainly with Toyota - and they try to explain the differences: Why is it that GM and Ford are losing market share in breathtaking speed and Toyota gains double digit market shares at the same time?

Depending on what paper or magazine you open, commonly used explanations for GM’s current situation include:

Only to make it clear, this is not my opinion!

The current GM situation is surely not easy to handle, since certain actions should have been taken years or decades ago and – to make it even worse – GM’s recovering strategy is still not clear. GM is experiencing – and Ford as well - a situation or better “the effects of causes" that lie much deeper than obvious.

How is this possible?
Well, Toyota - they say the world’s #1 car manufacturer in 2010, but Daniel T. Jones just announced that that already “this year Toyota will almost certainly overtake GM to become the number one in the global car industry” - has developed a unique and extremely successful enterprise philosophy over the last almost 50 years! This so called “Toyota Production System TPS” is primarily based on Lean & Six Sigma principals but most importantly TPS managed to address the “Human Factor” and consequently the company culture in a remarkable way.

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