Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Assessment Tools

Toward the end of the call we began to compile a list of tools for assessment.

This is not a complete list, but is a start. Feel free to add your favorite assessment tool information in the comments.

I couldn't find a good description of Structograms. Most of the sites were either non-English, or programming sites. Structograms are used for software design.

I did find an interesting site of on-line personality tests like Myers-Briggs assessments.

Update: It appears to me that we may be mixing apples and oranges. Some of these tools are targeting individuals, i.e. potential team members with Myers-Briggs. A few of the tools are more meaningful to assess organizational readiness, AutoZone's supplier assessment probably falls into this category.

Update II: Chuck Yorke sent us a link (I've added a comment) but wanted the reader to know about "Denison" as a cultural assessment tool.

Update III: David Csokasy sent along a better description for the Myers-Briggs Tool. The link has been updated (31JAN06).

Yes, the availabe informaito is limited and on top of it, it's mostly in German (awful these German guys, aren't they..?).

But I do have some details about the Structogram tool and a friend of mine is a trainer for it.

I can provide informaion next time we talk.

Juergen Boenisch (German)

Can you find a site from a Google search similar to the ones I've posted for the other tools? Just an overall description. Usually running it through babelfish will make it readable.

Bob Rowen
Email from Chuck Yorke:
The Denison Cultural assessment tool is worth a look.(www.denisonculture.com).
Also for hiring, Toyota used DDI (Development Dimensions International) assessments in various facilities throughout the world.
As a follow up to Chuck Yorke's message, I checked out DDI on the web at www.ddiworld.com - they have a number of documents you can download covering their approaches.
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