Friday, January 13, 2006

Comments About Comments

I added a comment on the 2006 Planning Session, but decided to pratice what I preach. If I'm right, you should hit this link, now. I'll be here when you get back.

All these comments are interesting and useful. On the other hand, the summary or meat of the argument would make an excellent post and then the details could be a link. So doing, a visitor/reader of the blog can get the gist of the discussion. The really interested reader can get to the detailed expositions by drilling down via the link.

Don't get me wrong, the comments section provides an excellent running commentary on the original topic. It also can drift off into some great off topic stuff, but... , the casual or first time reader usually scans the blog, not the comments. That casual reader would miss the impact of your detailed comments.

Karen has structured it so most of the tech group can "post" AND "comment."

[Sermon ON]
This makes a blog a different structure and more flexible than a discussion thread. The game is to link. Links are the equivalent of attachments to emails. The difference is that your server may fire up an html page or download the pdf/doc. The page visitor can decide how much detail they need.

When you "post" it provides both an abstract and a hook to get the reader to look further.
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BTW; My blogger ID is Piquero, most of your know me as Igor, and officially I'm Bob Rowen.

Hi Karen,
very good, now it becomes more userfriedly and we can start really working with it.
Well done!

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