Thursday, January 12, 2006

Continued Idea

After last night's post I started doodling about what a SWOT would look like on a Mind Map. A simple format could have the branches contain pre-agreed categories under the major topics (S-W-O-T). Something like this:(click on it to enlarge)

The discussion would consist of assigning a value to relevant categories, the same as setting priorities in an action list. The discussion would be structured, fast, and somewhat consistent from one tool to the next. The resulting map would look something like this:(click to enlarge)

A more robust discussion would brainstorm categories or be more expansive about categories. The capability of capturing the discussion that explains "why" we reached a conclusion or value could also be captured.

The "tool list" could then be augmented with a link to the completed map.

Comments about the "pre-built" categories would be useful.

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