Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Culture Assessment Tools

In today’s conference call (Jan. 24, 06), we had an interesting discussion about how the “Human Side” could be addressed in a practical way. Jim Garrick described how his company is “engaging” suppliers and employees and how to possibly assess the cultural status quo.

A cultural assessment might consist of a “questionnaire approach” plus a “Genchi-Genbutsu” (go and see for yourself) approach where you just observe people and situations. Additionally top management is seeking close contact to the Gemba (place were action takes place).

Earlier we learned that Toyota is using a very advanced recruiting methodology that might take up to two (2) years – form first contact of hiring. A significant part of this assessment is most likely the personality evaluation of a candidate.

I wonder if Toyota is using any cultural assessment tools (questionnaire or observation) in their daily operation or during their periodical employee evaluation.

I would very much welcome any comment that might help clarifying this issue.

Thank you,

Juergen Boenisch

First, I would like to thank Rob for sending out notes of the weekly call. I have been unable to attend and the notes keep me "in the loop". As far as cultural assessment tools, the Denison Culture survey (www.denisonconsulting.com)may be worth a look. Also, I know that Toyota has used DDI (Development Dimensions International) to assist with recruiting at various locations around the world.
Juergen, Thanks for the summary. I've added an update to my post. I think we need to separate assessment tools for the organization vs individuals.
Yes, this is one view, but we also need to separate between the "technical tools" and the "cultural tools" for assessment.

On the cultural side I liked the separation between questionaire (for individuals) and the see for yourself approach.

Juergen Boenisch
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