Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Phone Call Notes 14FEB2006

Tonight we used the Arkadin "Datanow" tool to use both the phone and internet for the conference call.

The topic was Myers-Briggs. We shared a desktop application and discussed a SWOT analysis.

Hello Bob,

I enjoyed the discussion yesterday – after I managed to get the IT site under control. Thank you for getting it started. You did a great job, Well done!

I think it is an excellent web conference tool that also allows to use the traditional phone system for the audio part. It helps a lot to see things grow and the visualization generates more ideas.

Does the tool allow for video/camera conference, too? Or, maybe we should not use it, since we might loose some of our group members … :-)

Regarding the mind manger tools, I compared many tools out there, some of them in detail. The only tow remaining were

- MindJet and
- MindGenius

Both seem to be very similar. MindGenius looks a little bit more “colorful” to start with, but MindJet left a more provisional impression with me. The whole appearance such as the drop-down menus are very close to the MS package and it is easy to find your way around. I guess you can somehow set up MindJet in a way to use templates that allow for easy and professional coloring.

With reference to “Myers-Briggs”, it seems to be very powerful and seems to deliver a good judgment of somebody’s personality type. The question that we might want to elaborate on further is – also for the other tools to come: “What do we do with the results in respect to addressing “The Human Side of Lean””?. Is it just an awareness building tool in order to provide some insights to the participants so they see that “there are other possible opinions and solutions”?

Again, great job!

Juergen Boenisch
Executive Management Consulting

You've touched on something I hope we can stress. Most of the discussion Tuesday was within the context of Human Side and implememntation.

I suspect when we get to 5S or 3P as a "tool" the human side context will be more visible.
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