Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Teleconference 21FEB2006

Phone call was held tonight. The meeting notes in map/pdf form are here. If you have MindManager software, the original map is here.

Discussion centered around:

The DiSC assessment tool. and
Some ways it is used in an organization.

Our thanks to Pam Butterfield for fielding questions and discussing the DiSC assessment tool.

If you would like to join these calls in the future, typically every Tuesday evening, the details are here.

Pam made an observation this evening in response to one of the questions. She said she wouldn't spring the assessment on a group first thing. She would want to build their trust first. I don't recall a comment like that coming up in our discussions of assessments, but it strikes me as pretty good advice.

Much as I'd like to know what I'm walking into, I need some operating experience with the team before I start looking at personality tools.
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