Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Telephone Conference 28FEB2006

Phone call was held tonight. The meeting notes in map/pdf form are here. If you have MindManager software, the original map is here.

Discussion centered around:

LEAN in an office setting. and
Wisdom(?) of having upper management at Kaizen events.

If you would like to join these calls in the future, typically every Tuesday evening, the details are here.

Hi Bob,

I would like to join the calls...!!

Actually, I would be very interested in Lean Six Sigma applications in the office environment. I just talked to a huge brokerage firm about improvement, but I must admint, I don't have any "real" experience in implementing Lean in such an environment, even if I think I could get it at least started.

Anyhow, Good Job Bob, all you support!!


Juergen Boenisch
The trick is to look at the transaction processing as a production unit. I can follow the flow of the transaction just like a physical piece of inventory.

I think a major difference is "checking." I usually don't like QA checks everywhere on the production line. A form of muda. I must perform a lot of field checking (i.e. data field greater than zero, valid account number.) in a financial transaction.

That said, if I'm clever, I only check it once. And, I try to minimize manual entry/re-entry whenever possible.
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