Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Discussion 11APR2006

We were joined by Toni Doolen and Gene Dixon . Welcome and thanks for contributing.

The discussion centered around research Toni is doing as part of an NSF grant. The notes from the call in map/pdf form are here. If you have MindManager software, the original map is here.

Toni provided more detail in the form of a presentation, which can be downloaded here.

Key take away:

What factors contribute to "sustained" process improvements. and,
Are there companies, that we know of, that are using Kaizen events on a regular basis, that would be interested in participating in the study?

Next week we will let Gene Dixon talk about his interests in the area of Leaders & Followers.

If you would like to join these calls in the future, typically every Tuesday evening, the details are here.

UPDATE Links were to March data, fixed. Now 11APR2006.

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